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Administrative Assistant to Public Works:
Chelsea Carpenter
705-738-3800 or 1-800-374-4009, ext. 230

Consolidated Waste Management By-Law

Waste Disposal & Transfer Site Hours

Peterborough County Waste Management Services and Acceptable Item Info. Sheets:

Please visit our Environmental Services page for more information on Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste, Composting and items available for purchase

Tipping Fees:

Downloadable Tip Fee Schedule A

Residential Household Waste : $1 per bag of household garbage unless a Garbage Bag Usage Card is presented.

A bag of household garbage is any bag of household garbage up to a maximum of 77 litres (66 cm x 91 cm or 26 x 36 inches). Waste that is disposed of using a garbage bag over the maximum of 77 litres will receive two punches on the Gargage Bag Usage card.

Larger or commercial sized garbage bag is $2 per bag.

Garbage Bag Usage Cards:

Garbage  Bag Usage Cards allow users to dispose of up to 52 bags of household garbage per year at no additional charge. A Garbage Bag Usage Card is provided one per property that has a residential dwelling.

Please note that if a Garbage Bag Usage Card is lost it WILL NOT be replaced. 

Vacant properties do not receive a Garbage Bag Usage Card as they do not generate household garbage.

  • You can purchase additional cards at Waste Transfer Sites or from the Municipal Office.
  • You cannot copy, duplicate or replicate the Garbage Bag Usage Card.
  • If a Garbage Bag Usage Card is lost it will not be replaced
  • Vacant properties are not entitled to a Garbage Bag Usage Card as they do not generate household garbage
  • If you're a tenant in the Municipality, renting from the registered property owner, you must obtain the Garbage Bag Usage Card from your landlord(s). If you're a landlord within the Municipality, please provide the tenants of your propertywith the Garbage Bag Usage Card for them to dispose of their household waste.

For a complete details on the regulations and requirements governing the Garbage Bag Usage Card please consult By-Law B2012-038

Tipping fees will be applied to materials brought to the transfer site as follows:

Maximum Load Size 2 yards³ (1.83m) per visit

Metal Recycling 

Scrap Metal - Free disposal at all Transfer Sites

White Goods Appliances

  • Free disposal at all Transfer sites
  • $20 charge for Freon removal for refrigerators, freezers, A/C Units, dehumifiers and water coolers
  • All doors on refrigerators and freezers must be removed before disposal

Yard Waste

  • $5 minimum charge
  • $10 per cubic yard

Brush: No charge

Construction and Demolition Materials (mixed)
- Maximum of 2 yards

  • $5 minimum charge
  • $35 per cubic yard

Shingles & Drywall

  • $10 minimum charge
  • $45 per cubic yard

Tires Stewardship Program - should be off rims

  • Free disposal at all Transfer Stations (maximum 4 tires per load)
  • $5 charge per tire if tire is still mounted on the rim


  • Single and smaller mattresses and box springs, rolls of carpet/flooring, kitchen/dining chair - $5 per item
  • Double or larger mattress, box spring, sofa, sofa chair, dresser/armoire, table, hutch, sports equipment - $10 per item


  • $100 up to 12 feet (3.65 m), each additional 3 ft (1 m) or part therof $75
  • RVs are banned from disposal at transfer stations unless the interior has been stripped of all mixed material
  • Aluminum boats are FREE under scrap metal, must be stripped of any motors

Mixed Loads

  • Sorted (recyclable material removed) - $35 per cubic yard
  • Unsorted (contains recyclable material) - $45 per cubic yard

Non-Specific Item

  • $5 per small item
  • $10 per large item

The Waste Site Attendant reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee for any item not listed above under the authorization of the Superintendent of Public Works.

Method of payment cash or cheque only . No credit cards or Interac


Municipal Transfer Stations

  • Buckhorn Transfer Station, 37 Dump Road, County Road 36 - just east of the hamlet of Buckhorn. Tel: 705-657-9477 during hours of operation
  • Cavendish Transfer Station, 3405 County Road 507 - just south of the Cavendish Community Centre complex. Tel: 705-657-2490 during hours of operation
  • Bobcaygeon Transfer Station, 69 County Road 36 - just east of the village of Bobcaygeon. Tel: 705-738-5454 during hours of operation
  • Crystal Lake Transfer Station, 1018 Crystal Lake Road. Tel: 705-488-3376 during hours of operation

Waste Disposal Site Passes:

You must be a resident of the Municipality and show a Waste Disposal I.D. Card (Waste Pass) to be admitted to any of the Municipal Waste Transfer Sites. Failure to do so will result in your being refused entrance to the site. In compliance with the Ministry of the Environment Regulations only refuse generated within the Municipality can be accepted at the sites.

If you have lost your waste pass or require a new one please do not hesitate to contact the Municipal Office.

Waste Transfer Site Attendants and Municipal Staff can provide more detailed information on the Waste Transfer Household and Recycling Programs, any applicable fees for other items and direct you to the County of Peterborough Programs currently supported and operated at our sites.

Green Bin Composting 

Buckhorn Transfer Station is the only station currently accepting compost waste.  The Organic composting program is operated through the County of Peterborough and they offer a variety of programs in partnership with the Municipality. 


Household Hazardous Waste

The County of Peterborough operates one (1) Household Hazardous Waste Facility in the Municipality at the Buckhorn Transfer Station Site. Please note that this Facility is seasonal and only open specific days and hours during its period of operation. Please check here for the days and hours for the current year or Peterborough County Household Hazardous Waste for complete details on the Household Hazardous Waste program hours/operations and acceptable items

County Waste Management

The County of Peterborough has developed a County-specific Waste Management Master Plan. 

Peterborough County Waste Management Master Plan link