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Issue 49, August 23, 2011

Single Burner Camp Stove Warning

As a result of a recent Greater Toronto Area apartment fire in which the occupants failed to follow manufacturer's instructions, the Office of the Fire Marshall (OFM) is asking Fire Cheifs to distribute the attached news release template to local retailers and news media to remind the public to follow manufacturer's instructions that come with the single burner camp stove called the "Cassette Cooker".

The warning labels and instructions in the Cassette Cooker's user manual advise the user to turn over the drip pan, prior to using the cooker, so the supports for the pot or pan are facing up. The cooker also has a "safety device" intended to prevent the installation of a butane canister when the drip pan is inverted. However, this device can be easily circumvented when the canister is installed with the drip pan removed.

The concern is that when the butane canister is improperly installed and the drip pan is inverted, the pot or pan blocks the burner opening, forcing the hot gases down into the appliance enclosure. Some of these gases pass through bulkhead openings into the fuel compartment causing pressure to build and the temperature to increase in the butane canister. These events occurred in the incident above and resulted in a fireball, injuring the occupants.

These camp stoves are certified for outdoor use only, in accordance with CSA 11.2-2000 "CSA Standard for Portable Type Gas Camp Stoves". The fire service should also be aware that these cookers are approved for indoor use in restaurants under CSA Technical Information Letter (T.I.L.) R-21 "Portable Butane Cook Stoves for Restaurant Use".

The OFM will be seeking improvements to the standard.

The Cassette Cooker is currently being sold in large retail stores and smaller supermarkets for as little as $11.99 ( tax) and it comes in a plastic case.

For enquiries regarding the Cassette Cooker, please contact Chris Slosser, OFM, at 416-325-3120.



Cassette Cooker News Release

Pictures of the Cassette Cooker