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Rabies Clinics

The Peterborough County-City Health Unit, in co-operation with the local veternarians, is again sponsoring low-cost rabies clinics in our area for cats and dogs.

All dogs and cats over the age of three (3) months must be immunized against rabies.  These same animals must be immunized in accordance with the date prescribed in the certificate of immunization issued.  This is an effort to reduce the human exposre to the rabies virus.

For a list of all clinics in Peterborugh County please follow this link

Trent Lakes Rabies Clinics
Saturday, May 3, 2014
12:00 noon until 2:00 p,m.

Cash only for rabies shots.
All dogs must be on leashes and cats restrained.

Buckhorn - Trent Lakes Public Works Depot, 8 Melody Bay Road
Cost: $25 per dog or cat, cash only

Kinmount - Galway Fire Hall, 569 Galway Road
Cost: $20 per dog or cat, cash only

Lost Dog

12 year old, 75lb American Bulldog
No collar or tag

Friday March 14, 2014 in the Edwina Drive area
Please call Ron at 705-863-3396

 Posted March 17, 2014

Career & Information Fair

Thursday, March 20, 2014
1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

In Buckhorn at the
Buckhorn Community Centre
1782 Lakehurst Road, Buckorn

For a list of exhibitors, check out under
Calendar of Events

Featuring a wide range of career & service realated options:

  • Employers with job openings will want to meet you!
  • Discover the many free & local services available to you
  • Job searching support
  • Community agency information
  • Empoyers from Trent Lakes and Selwyn townships & surrounding areas!
Peterborough County Social Services Division - People Serving People

We Are Here to Help

We can asist you with things like:

  • Community Referrals & Supports
  • Employment
  • Childcare
  • Ontario Works Benefits
  • Food & shelter
  • Transportation

Main Office
178 Charlotte St., Peterborough
Toll Free: (855) 738-3755

Free Services 705-760-4854

        • Buckhorn Public Library, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
        • Trent Lakes Municipal Office, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
         • Apsley Library, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
         • Trent Lakes Municipal Office, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Note: Warming Temperatures and Snowloads on Roofs

Due to the recent amount of snowfall and snow accumulation on some home and cottage roofs and also with the weather forecast for rising temperatures with possible rainfall, this may cause some roofs to have an extra amount of weight on them.  Homeowners and cottagers may want to inspect their roofs and have the snow removed to avoid any possible damage due to the extra weight.

Mike Zimmer
Chief Building Official, Planning and Zoning Administrator.
705-738-3800, ext 227

10-Housing and Homelessness Plan, Bulletin 4

Information Bulletin 4, Volume 2 about the Peterborough 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan will be considered by City and County Councils in November 2013.  This step will conclude the development phase.

 Implementation begins in 2014.  Progress on implementation will be measured and there will be periodic reports. 

Stay Involved!
If you were not able to sign up to stay involved in the Public Information Session October 2, 2013, this is another opportunity. Please reply to Michelle Longhurst by email at and indicate if you are interested in ongoing involvement implementing the Plan and how you would like to be involved. 

Water Systems - Annual Reports

The following information is provided persuant to Ontario Drinking Water Systems Regulation 170/03

  • Alpine/Pirates Glen 2012 Drinking Water System Annual Report
  • - click here
  • Buckhorn Lake Estates 2012 Drinking Water System Annual Report
  • - click here
Cottagers Urged to Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

The Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council kicked off its seventh annual cottage safety education campaing last week to promote fire and carbon monoxide safey at the lake. The Campaign focuses on the preparation and practise of a home or cottage fire escape plan and the maintenance of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Using a holiday like the Victoria Day Weekend is an excellent way to schedule annual maintainence of your alarms.

For more information go to

Working smoke alarms are required on every storey of a cottage and outside all sleeping areas and cottages with fireplaces or fuel-burning appliance of any kind should have carbon monoxide alarm.

close up of battery being tested in a smoke detector

Every year: make sure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide batteries are fresh and the alarms are working.

Municipal Strategic Plan 2013 to 2016

Council passed the Strategic Plan for the inclusive years 2013 to 2016 on February 5th, 2013.

You can view or download a copy of the Municipal Strategic Plan here 

Tax Relief for Low Income Seniors and Low Income Persons with Disabilities Within the County of Peterborough

Applications may be filed by a low-income senior and/or a low-income person with a disability to the Treasurer of the lower-tier Local Municipality within the County of Peterborough for the purpose of receiving relief of a tax increase for the current property tax year.  Such application and criteria shall be subject to the following conditions:

  1. The application shall be made on a form available from the lower-tier Municipality
    • An "Eligible Person" means a low-income person with a disability(ies) or a low income senior or the spouse of such eligible person who:
      • Is an owner of property in one of the lower-tier municpalties and has maintained continuous ownership of said propery for a period of at least two years as at December 31 prior to making application under the providions of By-law No. 2010-74;
      • Has occupied the property as the principal residence for which the application for tax relief is being made.

The Treasurer of the lower-tier Municipality shall adjust the collector's roll and provide for a tax relief in the current tax year for the tax increase subject to the following conditions:

The applicant must properly complete the municipal application form and file same with the Treasurer of the lower-tier municpality by November 15th of the current tax year.

Evidence of benefits being received by the applicant under the Family Benefits Act, the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997 and/or the Old Age Security Act (Canada) or Canadian Pension Plan Disabilities Pension must be submitted with the application.

Evidence of ownership must be submitted with the application.

Relief shall not be allowed for more than one principal residence

Relief shall be granted for a tax increase only where the balance of the property tax is current and all arrears are paid in full

This relief is in accordance with County of Peterborough By-law No. 2010-74

The tax relief will be an outright grant made by the lower-tier Municipality and will not entail repayment and will not be a lien against property.  Eligible property owners are entitled to a grant provided that the said tax increase for any single year exceeds $100.00 to a maximum relief up to $200.00

The Treasurer of your lower-tier Municpality has the right to approve or deny an application for Tax Relief.

The Municipality of Trent Lakes (formerly the Township of Galway-Cavendish and Harvey) is a lower-tier municipality of the County of Peterborough. 

For further information, to find out if you might qualify for this program or to obtain a copy of the application form please call the Township Finance & Property Tax Department at 705-738-3800 or 1-800-749-4009 and speak with one of the following representatives:  

Donna Teggart, Treasurer at extension 228 or 
Ellie Crosby, Deputy Treasurer at extension 224 or or Chasity Robertson, Tax Clerk at extension 232 or

Application forms and the County of Peterborough By-law  2010-74 are available on the Township website Online Tax Forms page under the Tax Information menu or direct download here

Application forms are also available from the County of Peterborough website -

If you would like more information from the County of Peterborough please contact Sally Saunders, Clerk, County of Peterborough at 705-743-0380 or by email:
Business Advisory Centre's Rural Outreach Kiosk Locations

The Business Advisory Centre's Rural Outreach Program serves as a County-wide compliment to the services offered by the BAC's Peterborough office.

The program includes:

  • business consultations in each of the eight townships in Peterborough
  • access to a computer workstation and valuable resources at seven service kiosk locations
  • business visitiation program in each of the communities

Galway-Cavendish and Harvey Kiosk:

Thurs. May 10, 2012  9 a.m.
Wed. May 16, 2012  9 a.m.
Thurs. June 7, 2012  9 a.m.
Wed. June 13, 2012  9 a.m.
Thurs. June 21, 2012  9 a.m.

For location, more information or to make an appointment please contact:
Karen Joplin
705-743-0777, ext. 2136

The Municipality of Trent Lakes recognizes that persons with disabilities should be provided with an equal opportunity to access goods and information in a manner consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality as stated in the regulations of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act, 2005. Please click on the items listed beside for further information.
Ontario Fire Marshal Warning - Flying Lanterns

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) has been made aware of the existence of a consumer product that poses a serious fire safety hazard. The Flying Lantern (also known as a sky lantern) is currently being sold by Canadian online distributors of fireworks products and at retail stores.

The product resembles a small paper hot-air balloon, fuelled by an open flame. When released the hot air produced by the fuel source can lift the lantern to extreme heights and allows it to drift for long distances until the fuel is depleted. These lanterns are often released in large numbers to generate an impressive visual effect

The OFM has learned that, due to their uncontrolled and unpredictable flight path, they can land on trees, buildings rooftops, or other combustible properties while still ignited and potentially cause a fire.

lit lanterns flying at night

There have also been reports of lantern releases near airports causing lengthy flight delays. Concerns regarding the lanterns have resulted in this product being banned in certain parts of Asia.

The OFM has written to Health Canada's Consumer Product Safety Bureau to request that it take the necessary actions to prevent this product from being sold in Canada. In the meantime, fire departments should caution members of their community about the potential fire hazards associated with the Flying Lantern. Retailers who sell this product should also be encouraged to remove it from their store shelves.

For enquiries regarding the Flying Lantern and potential fire hazards, please contact the OFM by telephone at (416) 325-3100.


volunteer holding unlit lantern in day


Four Counties Families Mediation

Peterborough Family Law Information Centre:
Superior Court of Justice
470 Water Street, Peterborough

This service provides free, brief, mediation, as well as free family law information, and referrals to other community agencies at three family court sites in Peterborough, Cobourg and Lindsay. Visit the Centre before you separate.
Funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General

Four Counties Family Mediation
349A George St. N., Suite 205, Peterborough
705-760-9603 or 1-888-605-1393

This agency provides mediation in the community to residents in the counties of Peterborough, Haliburton, Northumberland and City of Kawartha Lakes. Mediation service is provided by mediators approved by the Ministry of Kawartha Lakes. Mediation is a voluntary method of resolving disagreements that arise out of separation or divorce. The Mediator is a trained professional who acts as a neutral third party to facilitate an agreement between the parties. Fees are geared to income and are subsidized by the Ontario government. First appointment is free. For more information visit our website: or call 705-760-9603 or 1-888-605-1393.

PDF Links
Trent Lakes FREE Business Consultations
The Greater Peterborough and Area Economic Development Corporation (GPA EDC) has established a Business Advisory Centre in the Municipality of Trent Lakes. The GPA EDC's Business Advisory Centre is a resource centre for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Professional consultants advise business owners on key aspects of start-up, and maintaining successful operations. Whether you are starting, or in the initial years of business the Business Advisory Centre can help.

The Business Advisory Centre will be offering FREE Business Consultations every Friday in Galway-Cavendish and Harvey Township.

Date: Every Friday by appointment
Location: Municipality of Trent Lakes Office, County Rd 36
Time: By appointment only, 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

For more information or to book your appointment, contact:

Business Advisory Centre
210 Wolfe St., Peterborough, K9J 2K9
(705) 743-0777 ext. 225

H-E-L-P Centre

The Municipality of Trent Lakes (former Galway-Cavendish and Harvey)  officially opened its HELP Centre at a ceremony on Monday, February 19th, 2007 at the Galway-Cavendish and Harvey Library in Buckhorn. The HELP Centre is open on Mondays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Galway-Cavendish and Harvey Community Social Plan Committee were in attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony. The Committee consists of representatives on the Township, the Peterborough Community Social Plan, Buckhorn Community Centre, Rural Outreach Centre, Buckhorn and District Tourist Association, Galway Hall, Cavendish Hall Community Care and Oak Shores Community Centre.

The H-E-L-P Centre is funded by Service Canada and is free to residents of Galway-Cavendish and Harvey Township. Trained professionals are available to provide confidential assistance.

The following are some of the services available:
  • Connecting you to a service Provider or Agency
  • Family services
  • Health Care Providers
  • Employment services
  • Writing a resume
  • Starting your own business
  • For more information residents can call 1-800-374-4009, Ext. 303 to leave a confidential message.